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About ABT

For customers in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean region, ABT offers several advantages few local or regional companies can match.

ABT uses Bechtel’s world-class design tools and work processes, global purchasing networks, and specialized expertise as needed. We regularly collaborate with Bechtel offices around the globe to complete tasks faster.

ABT has an uncompromising commitment to safety—hallmarks of our parent companies. We have adapted ARE and Bechtel risk management, Zero Accident, and Behavior-Based safety programs that keep costs and schedules intact and protect and improve the lives of employees and their families.

ABT and Bechtel have operated in Trinidad continuously since 1996 and have a strong cadre of long term local employees. Our local to expatriate employee ratio is eight to one, offering customers the combination of ready access to engineers with 20+ years of international experience while maintaining regional cost structures.

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