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The founding partners of ABT recognized that the establishment of ABT represented a valuable opportunity to develop a local integrated engineering, procurement, and construction capability that would serve the country in good stead on a sustainable basis. Both Bechtel and ARE viewed ABT as an effective platform for achieving this goal. Furthermore, Bechtel felt that this approach truly demonstrated its long-term commitment to Trinidad and Tobago, as ABT would be an appropriate vehicle for the transfer of knowledge and expertise, creating a permanent Bechtel presence in the Caribbean.

ABT does not envision a one-to-one ratio of expatriates to local counterparts. Expat Mentors rarely stay longer than one (1) year and their purpose is to provide leadership, guidance, and on-the-job training opportunities for nationals within the organization.

Training can be both on-the-job and external. At ABT all employees are exposed to a variety of initiatives that cover both technical and non-technical areas. For example in 2006 & 2007 employees were exposed to work rotation assignments in the Bechtel Houston office, attended local seminars in Supervisory Development and discipline heads held Level 1 training to familiarize all employees on their specific discipline work processes.

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