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Commitment to Trinidad & Tobago

ABT is proud to be a company created and based in Trinidad and Tobago, offering services to the country and the Caribbean region previously unavailable from a local company.
One of our key goals is to develop and enhance local resources, building and sustaining a Trinidad and Tobago work force with world-class skills in engineering, procurement, construction, and management. This is a long-term effort, but we undertake this mission as one of the basic reasons our company exists.

No company anywhere in the world can ethically perform projects or employ local workers without regard for the communities where the work is being done. It is simple responsible corporate citizenship, and a key corporate value of ABT, to make sure that when a project is done, local communities are better off than when the project began.

ABT cannot expect long-term prosperity if the people of Trinidad and Tobago do not prosper as well. We will work with the people and communities of Trinidad and Tobago to enhance everyday livability and future opportunities.

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